Full Product Line :

full lineMu-Tron III : The patented automatic wah device developed in 1972. Stevie Wonder's endorsement brought the product to national attention.

Mu-Tron Phasor : A six stage phase shifter that used transconductance amplifiers in the phase shift stages.

Phasor II : An upgraded version of the original Phasor. It used photomods instead of transconductive amplifiers.

Bi-Phase : A dual phase shifter that could be operated in parallel or in series and in stereo or mono. An optional C-100 photoelectric foot controller was also available, which allowed players to manually control either sweep or the rate of the effect.

Dan Armstrong : Small cost effective effects engineered by Dan Armstrong, the Orange Squeezer being the most popular.

Octave Divider : Using the guitar signal as the source material for the octave, it made the octave sound like a guitar. In addition, the Green Ringer circuit was used so it would produce a fairly reliable octave above as well as an octave below.

Micro V : A budget version of the Mu-Tron III. It used transconductive amplifiers instead of photomods.

Mu-Tron Vol-Wah Pedal : Using the robust Mu-Tron pedal design, the product provided volume and wah pedal functions.

Mu-Tron Flanger : A bucket brigade flanger with extensive pedal control of music parameters.

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